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B i o g r a p h y

     Chiu grew up in Taichung, Taiwan. At the age of 5, Chiu started playing the violin and within one month began studying with former principal violinist of Taiwan Symphony Orchestra. After 8, Chiu also started playing the piano and these two instruments became Chiu’s principal instruments. When Chiu became 12, he started learning Erhu (Chinese Violin) and worked hard for it.


     Chiu loves orchestral music and film music with his chosen field of interest. The instrumental training became the biggest tool for him to compose orchestral music because he can understand the writing skills, instruments arrange or music styles. 


      Chiu's 17 years of classical music training effectively helped him cross into other kind of contemporary music forms, be able to analyze and enjoy them with ease. In addition to Chiu's proficiency on his instruments and strong knowledge on the classical style, being a perfect pitch allowed him to complete projects in a short time.


     Chiu currently receiving degree in Film Scoring lead by the chair George S. Clinton from Berklee College of Music. During the school time, Chiu has played in over 800 student recording sessions ( film scoring sessions mostly) and performed in 35 school-affiliated concerts (19 in the Berklee Performance Center). Chiu has performed with Ron Carter, Jorge Drexler, Ivan Lins, Eugene Friesen, Donna McElroy, Luis Enrique, Nobuo Uematsu, Dream Theater, and more. He also played in some of the biggest concerts in Berklee, such as Singer’s night, The Great American Songbook, Professional Writing Division Awards Concert as a concertmaster, and silent film project from film scoring department.  

   Chiu received the Wind Ensemble Achievement Award twice from Berklee String Department.  Chiu also received the Soren Christensen Scharlorship Award and the Most Valuable Player from Film Scoring Department at Berklee.


     Chiu’ music has been recognized in the theater in Taiwan. He worked on well-known local musical productions as a composer and music director. He also published his own music album in Taiwan. Currently he is a member of the famous O theater in Taiwan as a composer for the show productions.


     Chiu recently worked as a music contractor, player, copyist, conductor with composer Claudio Ragazzi for Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) TV documentaries. Currently Chiu is working as a freelance composer.


Chiu currently resides in Los Angeles.

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